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Nischal Mainali
TestGlider IELTS was very helpful for me in achieving my desired band in IELTS examination. I just practiced in Testglider and did not took any classes for IELTS and got the desired band. I would like to suggest this page for everyone who are preparing for the IELTS.
Muhammad Noman
It was really a good experience it helped me a lot to practice again and again and polish my skills very much in such a short time.
I'm really thankful to TestGlider team. Testglider has helped me through the mocks they have provided. Make good use of TestGlider and you'll ace the exam.
Juliana Santos
Test Glider made me feel more comfortable on my test day, because I already felt like I was in a real test when I was doing mock tests at home. I was surprise at how this platform truly gives similar questions to IELTS, the level of dificulty is the same, it made me confident.
Ogechukwu Alloh
It gave me an insight to what the different parts of the test is like and how to approach it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take the tests?
To take a test, 1. Go to the “Mock Tests” page. 2. Choose the mock test that you want to take (All mock tests are named after vegetables.) 3. Select the test type you want to take. Full Test: Real test simulation with all four sections Section Test: Section-based test for practicing each section separately
How similar are the questions to the actual IELTS™ exam?
All content is the original property of TestGlider, and is produced by professional IELTS™ researchers and former IELTS™ examiners. The content is blind-tested to ensure that the quality of the tests is similar to the actual IELTS™ exam.
Are the mock tests for IELTS™ Academic Test or IELTS™ General Test?
The Listening and Speaking sections are the same for both IELTS™ Academic and General Tests. Therefore, you can use TestGlider to prepare for both tests. The Writing and Reading sections provided on TestGlider are based on the IELTS™ Academic Test.
How are my answers graded?
Your answers are graded based on the official IELTS™ band descriptors provided by the British Council. TestGlider's grading system has been trained and continues to learn from the large amounts of speaking and writing data submitted by test-takers. Instead of relying on conventional rule-based procedures, TestGlider scores are produced by various deep learning techniques that accurately process, analyze, and evaluate writing and speaking answers.
How quickly can I get my scores?
It will take approximately 2 minutes to receive your score for the Speaking section and 20-30 seconds for the Writing section. Reading and Listening scores and answer explanations are available right after completing the test.
Will I get the same score on my real IELTS™ exam?
Many users have seen similarity in the scores they received on TestGlider compared to their actual IELTS™ test scores. To get the most accurate speaking score, it's best to test in a silent environment and avoid noises that detract from your answer. Here are common noises to avoid while recording your answer: • Outside noises, such as cars and loud conversations • Other voices, including tutor instructions and unrelated conversations
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